Happy Cinco de mayo! Yes, today is May 5th and all around the United States people are celebrating this day without even fully knowing why - I said that NOT to poke fun, that's just how it is - of course, today commemorates the Mexican army's victory over Napoleon III's French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

There is another tradition that's been going on ever since the movie "Star Wars" came out way back in 1977. In the movie, there is a famous line that has gone worldwide known - if you are one of the very few people (like one in a trillion) that have never seen this smash hit flick, you probably have heard someone say "May the Force Be With You". SO, on the 4th of May, "MAY The FOURTH Be With You" - Get it? According to The Bismarck Tribune yesterday a Facebook post depicting two Bismarck police officers wearing Imperial Stormtrooper helmets associated with characters seen as bad guys in the “Star Wars” movies. An innocent FUN picture of them holding their nightstick, standing in front of a police car with the message reading “May the Force Be With You.” Two faceless unknown police officers who have sworn to protect and serve - TWO unknown depicted human beings having FUN with the intentions of spreading their joy of being "Star Wars" fans - a light-hearted post/picture to TRY and show us that the depicting two officers and the Bismarck Police Department are REAL people.

There were, as always, those that take sheer delight in shredding anything positive apart - to accuse and insinuate wrong actions without even taking a second more to think it through. Some questioned if the department really understood it, several called it awkward, and many drew a parallel between police and violence. One commented that it was police “admitting they are out to oppress and keep you in check with violence.” 

Flat-Out Ridiculous.

The GREAT thing about social media is it's a fantastic tool for those who want to entertain, to help others understand more about themselves or whatever they are trying to share.

The BAD thing about social media - you are "Open Game" to negative, nasty, miserable people. Some will take every conceivable angle and twist and turn it to where they can claim something so innocent can be deemed as awful.

Officer Lynn Wanner, the department’s social media manager, said she chose the meme because it was Star Wars Day and the meme had police in it. Her words said it best “You try to do something fun...” 

Finally here is the perfect closing - The department doesn’t remove posts from its Facebook page -  Excellent!!!!




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