Since Donald Trump's inauguration in January, it seems like the President dominates headlines more than any other previous President.

Trump is a big fan of using Twitter to get his message out and with a new barrage of Tweets nearly every day, the President remains in the headlines.

And like any other President this country has had, some people love the President, some people hate the President and some people maybe go back and forth every day.

President Trump is also a big fan of dismissing polls that negatively reflect how the general public feels about him mainly because most polls predicted he would not win the election.

But with that being said, the website MorningConsult did take it upon themselves to survey more than 470,000 voters across all 50 states to see Trump's net approval rating in each state during each month of his Presidency so far.

The term 'net approval' means the approval rating minus the disapproval rating. So for example, if the approval rating is 53% and the disapproval rating is 47%, the net approval would be 6%. If the disapproval rating is higher than the approval rating, the net approval number is indeed negative.

Let's take a look at North Dakota's net approval rating of President Trump from January through September:



MARCH: 25%

APRIL: 14%

MAY: 4%

JUNE: 7%

JULY: 3%



Based on this particular survey, it is clear that Trump's approval rating in the state is not nearly what it was when he was first elected. However, after North Dakota's net approval rating reached its lowest point in July, it has been slowly trending upwards. President Trump did visit the state in early September and that may have helped Trump get his net approval rating back up to its highest point since the summer.

Generally speaking though, Trump's approval rating in the state has actually not fluctuated all that much. According to MorningConsult, Trump's approval rating in North Dakota in January was 55.80%. His approval rating in September was 50.90%.

There are still at least three years left of Trump's tenure in office.

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