Fans around the globe were astounded when the news broke that the heralded 1971-75 lineup of Genesis was getting back together for a new documentary. That particular lineup of the group is one rock's most beloved and influential outfits, but as guitarist Anthony Phillips points out, it wasn't the first, as some may believe.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Phillips rightly states that even though he’s been pushed into the background of the project, he was there from the very beginning. “Obviously it’s difficult being the one that left Genesis in some respects,” he said. “There’s always going to be an element of that but, of course, the reality of stardom ain’t that great a lot of the time.”

Phillips takes a somewhat practical view about his own contributions being minimized over the years and in the current promotion for the film. “I suppose it becomes a bit complicated to mention the different line-ups, so I think they just go for where the band was most static." He did take a bit of umbrage however, when it was announced as a reunion of the original lineup.

"Calling them the original line-up is just convenient parlance, isn’t it?” he said. “I’ve kind of got used to it. Occasionally one feels a little bit of a sort of footnote in history, almost airbrushed out. At other times I almost feel embarrassed about the interest shown to a time where, to be honest, some of the music was a bit rough. But if you’re talking about the original line-up, it was the four guys at Charterhouse.”

Genesis was formed in 1967 as a collaboration between Phillips, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Phillips made two records with the band before departing in 1970 due to stage fright and was replaced by Steve Hackett. Drummer Phil Collins was brought on board that same year as well.

The new documentary, which is being produced by the BBC, has yet to receive a release date.

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