It was a pretty big spectacle yesterday. 

The PBS Show " Antiques Roadshow "filmed their 24th season in Bonanzaville in Fargo yesterday to the tune of 4000 people with items they would like to share.  Dozens of antiques were appraised to see if there is any worth to them.

It was a day of antiquing on steroids for everyone involved. There were so many items on display and the camera crew brought a sense of excitement to the event.

Here's the event in a nutshell from one of the show's guests on KX.Net:

We spoke to one of the guests today who says this is unlike anything she's ever seen.

The show guest, Rebecca shares, "It's like little bits of history that everybody gets to talk about with other people  you see things you've never seen before I think that's probably one of the best things about coming."

If an appraiser thinks one of the items is something the nation needs to see, they grab a producer who gets them camera ready.

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