According to KFYR-TV, the restaurant chain Bennigan's is coming to Mandan.

Though the restaurant has an Irish theme and feel to it, the menu consists of typical American-style cuisine. However, there are Irish dishes on there too.

According to KFYR, the restaurant will be located on 27th street in Mandan next to the Comfort Inn and will open in May of 2018. says the owners of the local franchise are Rob Knoll and Monte Stein. Knoll owns Knoll Appraisals in Bismarck. Stein owns Capital City Restaurant Supply in Bismarck.

The idea of a Bennigan's in Mandan dates back to at least 2010 according to redevelopment plans the city released in a January issue of the Mandan Messenger that year.

However, at the time, the city backed off plans to bring in the restaurant chain due to a bankruptcy filing by the company in 2008 according to the Mandan Messenger. In 2008, Newsweek reported that 150 company owned restaurants were closing.

On a personal level, I used to eat at Bennigan's all the time at a nearby restaurant where I grew up on Long Island. I was a big fan of the place though it did indeed eventually go out of business.

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