Love songs are the backbone of popular music. Almost every artist has recorded them during their careers, as you'll see in our below list of The Best Love Song From More Than 100 Rock Acts.

In addition to presenting huge swings of various music styles, our list also includes different examples of devotion – whether it's an unambiguous declaration to a partner, heartbreak after a split, unrequited love or even lust. Some songs from the likes of Queen, the Beatles and Styx were written specifically with someone in mind; others just generally toss out their affections for anyone who'll have them.

Acts like Elton John and Billy Joel rose to fame on the strength of their love songs and continued to mine that territory throughout their careers. Punk and metal bands, of course, won't have as many choices. Hard rockers such as Aerosmith and Bon Jovi were able to offer a middle ground, softening up their macho images with power ballads that resulted in some of the biggest hits of their careers.

Then there are a handful of acts that just didn't have any love songs in their catalogs, at least as far as we can tell. For example, AC/DC have dozens of songs about sex, but nothing about real love that we spotted. And a band like Creedence Clearwater Revival seems far too engrossed in sharp character studies and social commentary to reflect on matters of the heart, though we do have a song for frontman John Fogerty's solo career.

We outline these artists at their most romantic with the Best Love Song From More Than 100 Rock Acts, which we present alphabetically below.

The Best Love Song From More Than 100 Rock Acts

Here's rock at its most romantic, listed alphabetically.

Gallery Credit: UCR Staff

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