When was the last time you played BINGO? There are a ton of places you can go and fill out the coveted blanks for a chance to WIN prizes and scream out "BINGO". How would you like a different unique way of playing BINGO? Our very own Bismarck Parks & Rec Bingo is underway now - goes on until November 10th. From Bismarck Parks & Rec  "Discover hidden gems, new playgrounds, pollinator gardens or nature trails with a friend, another couple or your family. You can watch the leaves change, have a blast being outdoors, explore places you’ve never been (right under your nose!) and make it an undeniably fun fall."   Their BINGO card allows you to enjoy and investigate outdoor festivities while playing the game. The card is FREE - there are several events,  and places to go and check them out, explore them along with your family or by yourself, when you have finished visiting the site you are that much closer to BINGO!.

The Bismarck Parks & Rec BINGO card is a brilliant idea designed for you and your whole family - Even if you have lived in this town for 50 years and you think you know this city inside and out, you will have a blast. There are a total of 25 squares, each one is filled in with the coolest things to see and do. Example -  right smack dab in the middle, three rows down, and three square across - your mission :  Find the Peace Pole in Peace Park, 400 East Front Ave.  Did you find it? Once you do, put a big old X in that square and move on with your quest for BINGO!

There are instructions listed on where to pick up your card, or cards ( you can play as many times as you want ) and how you could win some terrific prizes! Click here for all the details you need to go out and have the time of your life!

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