The search for Chase Hurdle will not stop until he is found

We have all followed this story since day one, November 2nd a young man by the name of Chase Hurdle was last seen here in Bismarck. A Bismarck High School student was seen on surveillance video with his plastic-framed glasses, walking the hallways. Around 9:45 am that morning somebody reported that they saw him near Memorial Bridge. That same bridge where another witness observed a male adult jumping off into the river.

His name is Sergeant Mark Gaddis. a veteran with the Bismarck Police Department since June 1991

I had the opportunity to talk with Mark for about a half-hour. This determined, modest man has a mission we all are praying for, the safe return of Chase Hurdle. Mark has been making his rounds today passing around flyers of the missing teen. Stopping by every place he can get to, asking those who may have some video they can search through ( door cams, garage cams etc ) for any possible clues of an 18-year-old African American male - slim build, and shoulder-length afro style hair:


One of the things Mark mentioned to me is to make sure that my article would be all about Chase

Absolutely one hundred percent did I agree with his request, however, I want to make it perfectly clear to all of our city that Sergeant Mark Gaddis and the entire Bismarck Police Department are doing everything they possibly can to bring a happy ending to this mystery. "The family deserves it, Chase deserves it" Mark said when I asked him what drives him and his support team to find him. He also said that some sightings have come in, and any tip received is immediately followed up by Bismarck Police. One such tip even came in as a report as far as Minot, that Chase was seen at the Flying J at Highway 2 and 52. Within the hour 3 troopers had checked out the scene and reported back to Bismarck Police with no news.

"When you do this job full-time, you learn about people, how to take care of our community"

That was a quote from a man who gives his heart and soul to being a Sergeant for the Bismarck Police Department, and he will never give up his determination to find Chase Hurdle

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