According to a press release from Customs and Border Patrol, a large number of fake salt lamps a duck decoys were seized at the border in Portal.

According to CBP, the salt lamps and duck decoys were in violation of Intellectual Property rights regulations.

Officers targeted a rail container set to cross in Portal and upon further searching found the counterfeit items.

There were a total of 13,336 salt lamps valued at $266,586 as well as a total of 1,202 duck decoys valued at $120,200.

The only thing more illegitimate than a fake duck, is an illegitimate fake duck. Fake ducks are fine. But fake fake ducks? Get that stuff out of here.

Good job by the CBP to seize those items and make sure only the real fake ducks get sold in the U.S.

The Portal, ND border crossing is the same crossing where Todd Rundgren and Melissa Etheridge were arrested this summer.

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