If a (totally unsubstantiated) new rumor turns out to be on target, Brad Pitt could soon be sending filmgoers greetings from Asbury Park.

Pitt is reportedly in the running to play Bruce Springsteen in an upcoming biopic, according to unnamed sources who suggest that a mutual respect between the two could lead to the first-ever movie inspired by the life and times of the Boss.

While stressing that "details are vague" and admitting that representatives for Pitt and Springsteen have thus far declined to comment, the Asbury Park Press quotes a report from Radar Online in which a source explains the pending deal by saying, "Bruce has had offers before and has always turned them down, but Brad's interest has caught his attention. This is Brad Pitt, so he's thinking it over. Brad respects all the causes [Bruce] represents. Bruce was there for the people of New York, holding a concert after 9/11 to raise money for the victims, and he always advocates for working people."

Springsteen and Pitt crossed paths during the 'Hope for Haiti Now' telethon in 2010, but there's no indication that the event fostered an actual friendship -- or that Pitt would be at all interested in playing rock star for the cameras. Until someone offers confirmation on the record, we're inclined to chalk this rumor up to wishful thinking on someone's part.

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