Bryan Adams made a surprise appearance last night during a curtain call for the Broadway production of the hit 1990 movie Pretty Woman. Adams and longtime collaborator Jim Vallance created a score for the new musical, which opened in August.

Adams was introduced by cast member Samatha Barks, who informed the audience at the Nederlander Theatre that he was making his Broadway debut. Adams then performed "You And I" with his acoustic guitar, before being joined by the entire ensemble for the closing number, "Together Forever."

Adams spent years trying to get the chance to write the score for Pretty Woman, finally securing the gig in 2015.

"Basically we did an audition," Adams told Billboard. "Jim and I wrote three songs which we thought would be appropriate for the stage and then we met with [the producers], and it was one of those classic scenarios where, 'Okay, you guys need to leave the room so we can talk about you, and we'll call you, don't call us.' And then half an hour later, I got a call."

Watch Adams' curtain-call performance here:

Adams later posted a picture of himself and guitarist Nate Brown on his Instagram feed. "Last night in the orchestra pit of @prettywoman, just before making my Broadway debut to sing 'You and I' followed by 'Together Forever' with the amazing ensemble."

Pretty Woman has received fair-to-middling reviews since moving to Broadway over the summer. The show began with a run in Chicago last spring.

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