cell phones

Verizon Still the Best
If your cell phone provider is not Verizon and you live in North Dakota, you don't have the best coverage. This is not a sales pitch. It's a fact.
Break Your Smartphone Addiction
I believe that time spent with family and friends should be quality time, enjoying each others’ company.  Technology, like social media, is a wonderful way to keep us connected and to share our lives with our friends and loved ones.  However, all around me in Bismarck and in other cities I visit, pe…
95% Of Us Do This…..
New survey is out and get ready for this stat---95% of cell phone, smart phone and IPhone owners sleep very close to their phones at night and it IS screwing with their sleep!!!
Moms, Dads & Smartphones!!
Gotta Smartphone AND Kids?    Looks like that may not be a great combination.   Here's the lowdown--Mom & Dad--if you've got kids and a Smartphone---pay attention to this--please!!

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