Pretty hard to believe summer has come and gone, just the other day it was 100 degrees and nightfall didn't drop into Bismarck until like 1:00 am ( well maybe like 10:00 pm ), for just a few people it seemed summer was their worst enemy. One of those folks is television talk show host Ellen Degeneres. For 17 years this woman has walked out on stage in front of a live audience and millions of TV viewers and entertained, laughed, cried and shared her personality with America, just this past summer some allegations from former staff members have eeked out and then grew large with other fellow celebrities saying that Ellen's "toxic work environment" had started to unravel her EXTRA NICE attitude. "Be good to one another" the catchphrase she has used a trillion times was now being questioned. Writer Candace Ganger reported "In July, multiple multiple former employees told BuzzFeed News about the “toxic work environment” at the show, including sexual misconduct allegations that led to the firing of three top Ellen Show producers. The producers denied any involvement in those allegations"

Then Warner Brothers did their own investigation - which led to the firing of three top producers, then the remaining producers sent out a statement, followed by Ellen and her memo to her staff. The rumors were flying about Ellen being let go or her quitting. Today was her season premiere, and there she was all alone again, this time no silly dance moves, just an awkward painful pep speech from her to all of us saying that she apologized to "people who were affected" by what former employees told BuzzFeed News. Take a look for yourself on her monologue from her today on her first show back.

Whether you know Ellen personally or you are like all of America who only sees her on television, it's a shame that so many will judge her on hearsay and accusations from those who spoke out, without giving her the benefit of the doubt. Think about it, for 17 years she has performed without any critics trying to damage her reputation, then just this summer the verbal attacks start? For more on this story click here.





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