Hold onto your butts…again. Colin Trevorrow is officially returning to direct Jurassic World 3. Original series director and current franchise producer Steven Spielberg spilled the beans while promoting his new blockbuster, Ready Player One. According to the great bearded one, Trevorrow will return to close out the trilogy and finish what he started — for better or worse.

The news was confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where Spielberg said that Trevorrow will return to direct the third installment in the Jurassic World trilogy, which he’ll co-write with Emily Carmichael — recently credited as a writer on Pacific Rim Uprising. Despite mixed reviews, the first Jurassic World was a major box office hit, grossing over $1 billion worldwide. It was enough for Universal to keep Trevorrow involved in the trilogy. Although When a Monster Calls director J.A. Bayona was brought in to helm the upcoming sequel, Fallen Kingdom, Trevorrow remained on board as a co-writer (with longtime collaborator Derek Connolly) and producer.

Since debuting the woefully misguided family drama The Book of Henry and subsequently losing the Star Wars: Episode IX directing gig, Trevorrow has mostly been laying low. And though some may have lost faith in the director, Spielberg clearly has not.

It’s hardly surprising, but still somewhat disappointing. Trevorrow has become the poster boy for white male privilege in Hollywood. After making his directorial debut with the indie sci-fi flick Safety Not Guaranteed, Trevorrow was given the opportunity of a lifetime when Spielberg handed him the keys to the Jurassic franchise. Box office success aside, the first Jurassic World wasn’t great, and yet Trevorrow earned himself a Star War. Though Lucasfilm fired him just last year, Trevorrow is being given another chance with another big-budget blockbuster — one that puts him right back where he started when Spielberg gave him the golden ticket.

It sounds redundant at this point, but still: Couldn’t they have hired a woman?

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