How often to you pay really close attention to the credit card reader on a gas pump or anytime you use your card?

You better pay a little closer attention as a local gas station has found a card skimmer on their gas pumps according to KFYR-TV.

The skimmer was found on the gas pumps in Mandan at the Red Trail Petro. The owners reviewed the security camera footage and saw the skimmers being placed late Wednesday night and the devices were found Thursday morning within hours of the store opening.

Mandan Police responded to the call once the skimmers we discovered. As a customer, you really have to pay very close attention, and if the slot where you place your card (card reader) looks unusual or different, it is best to notify the authorities or personnel at the place of business.

However, these particular devices were undetectable with the naked eye, as they were placed inside the pumps.  These devices can be used to illegally obtain your credit information or credit card information.

If you purchased fuel at the Red Trail Petro in Mandan during this time period, you should check your credit card statement or check with your bank.

Additional security measures were implemented for the safety of the customers and the store management apologizes to their customers for the incident.



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