The cold snap in Bismarck-Mandan is here to stay through at least New Year's Eve.

The weather outside waited to turn frightful until Christmas weekend. And now, it is going to be downright frigid by the time New Year's Eve hits. In fact, it is looking like New Year's Eve could be the coldest day and night of the entire week. Which would actually make it the coldest night we have had since winter hit.

What kind of temperatures can we expect for New Year's Eve festivities?

We are looking at spending the rest of the week in single-digit and negative temperatures. But, of course, the most bitter of the days lands directly on New Year's Eve. According to the National Weather Service's website, the daytime high on New Year's Eve will be -8 degrees and it will get down to a frigid -24 degrees by the time the celebrations and festivities get underway.

Anyone else annoyed that the weather is always conveniently awful during most holidays in North Dakota?

I will admit, I am one of the North Dakotans that will complain about the crappy weather no matter what time of year it is. It is not that I absolutely hate subzero temperatures, but I hate that the coldest, snowiest, hottest, and stormiest days so often end up on important days.

We can literally look at an example from this past weekend - remember all the snow that dumped on us over the holiday? I will never forget it. Especially because it stormed right before Thanksgiving and I now have not spent either that holiday or Christmas with my family because of the weather this year!

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