Def Leppard have launched a new website,, which features a countdown clock set to expire at 5AM ET on Thursday, March 17.

The site also features icons of each member of the band. Clicking on each gives the visitor a short audio recording -- delivered like a psychic’s reading -- from the respective band member.

Already, fans online are speculating that Diamond Star Halos is the name of a new Def Leppard album. An unverified report suggests that the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will debut the first single from their new LP when the countdown clock strikes zero.

The band has previously hinted that new music was on the way. Last June, frontman Joe Elliott told that the band was ““ahead of the game” in terms of new material.

“Y’know, we’ve always said that what we’ve got to try and achieve before we kick it all in the head or we’re gone is to be bracketed among the greats: Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richards, Ray Davies, Pete Townshend,” the singer said at the time, noting that Def Leppard still aspired to be mentioned among rock’s greatest acts. “We probably never will, but we’re never gonna stop trying. We’re not interested in trying to be some second division, ‘Oh, that’ll do’ kind of thing. It’s like if somebody fails climbing Mount Everest, if they’re that desperate then they’ll try again next year. That’s how we feel about what we do, so we’re just gonna try our best, again, and keep going for it.”

Def Leppard are poised to hit the road this summer alongside Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett on the much anticipated Stadium Tour. The trek, which was originally announced in 2020 before being pushed back multiple times due to the pandemic, is set to launch June 16.

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