Apparently, every state in the union has a state sandwich. It's one of those regional things I guess.In Louisiana, they are known for the Po'boy, which is like a foot long sandwich and can have anything from meat to seafood on it. You'll find them in South Louisiana and some of the best are in New Orleans with crawfish or shrimp!

According to ZAGAT, the official sandwich of North Dakota is ... drum roll please ... the Sloppy Joe, also known as the barbecue burger or slush burger. REALLY?

ZAGAT goes on to mention:

Head to any NoDak basketball game, picnic, potluck or gathering, and you'll likely find a platter full of sloppy joes, which are more commonly called "barbecues" (or, if you're in the western part of the state, "slush burgers").



It seems as though the best state burger can be found at Famous Kegs in Grand Forks. Seems like they have the recipe down with all of the correct seasonings and meat to make it just right, well, right enough to make the list.

Check out the complete list and see if you agree.


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