How do you feel about older kids' trick-or-treating?

Have you ever seen an obvious teenager at your door before trick or treating?  What were you thinking at the time?  Did you use the line, "Aren't you a little too old to be doing this?"

I know I heard that line a time or two back in the day trick or treating.  Yes, I may have pushed the envelope and gone trick or treating with my friends when I was 13 or 14.  Why did we trick or treat when we were that old?  I can't really say, it was just something to do, and who doesn't love Halloween?  Heck, I still love it today.

Do we have some sort of law in North Dakota prohibiting trick-or-treating?

That got me thinking the other day and it caused me to reach out to a law enforcement officer friend of mine.  I asked him if we have any sort of ordinances or laws in the state concerning age limits when it comes to trick or treating in the state.  He told me, "None that he was aware of."  Certainly not at the state level.  Any sort of laws or ordinances would more than likely come from the city level.

I took to Google and I could not find a single law concerning trick-or-treat laws in our state.  THANK GOD.  How ridiculous in my opinion.  However, I did run across some cities that all deserved to be egged by teenagers.  There's one city in America that has not only banned teenagers from trick or treating but has made it a misdemeanor.  Total head shake.

According to USA Today, there is one city in Virginia that has banned teens from trick or treating and has made it a Class 4 misdemeanor.  Pretty sad.  Apparently, there are other cities across America that have enacted similar laws.  Thankfully, not in North Dakota (that I could find anyway).

I say let kids be kids.

My question to you is would you rather have them drinking or vandalizing property?  I say let 'em trick-or-treat.  Kids grow up fast enough.  Trust me, it seems like only yesterday I was taking my little son out gathering candy on the streets of our hometown.  Then I blinked and now he's 18 and ready to move out.  Let kids be kids.

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