If I were you, I'd choose my words very carefully...or your next stop is the principal's office!

Go ahead and say teachers have summers off.  See how that works for ya.


Having years of experience as a radio host, I've learned my job is to entertain other than to agitate.  With the exception of this certain September morning, just a few short  years ago. With back to school still fresh in everyone's brain, I made a comment along the lines of...

"Well teachers, your summer vacation is over- time to get back in the classroom"

If my studio window would have been open I would have been able to hear the screeching brakes of a thousand cars pulling off the road to call me in the studio.

Bismarck Police to pay for local teacher's school supplies!

That was a tongue lashing that lasted for hours and administered by professionals who know a thing or two about keeping young punks in line.  So I had to wear the dunce cap for the rest of the day.




Speaking of outrage, one of the primary subjects of these teacher's verbal DJ assault, was the matter of THEM having to buy supplies for their classrooms.  Who knew that not only did they NOT have summers off, they had to pay for their own classroom supplies!  I didn't think it sounded serious enough to bring in the Bismarck Police Department...but, seems the Bismarck PD invited themselves.

Nominate your favorite teacher.  Nominate your self.  It's police helping teachers!

What a wonderful initiative being brought out by the Bismarck Police Department! Here's how it works...from their Facebook page

Missouri Valley Lodge #3 Fraternal Order of Police is excited to announce a new program to honor deserving educators in our community!
Nominations are now being accepted through August 1st!
What is the program?
We are looking for nominations for deserving teachers in the Bismarck/Mandan area and surrounding communities. We know that a lot of educators put their own money towards items they need for their classrooms and we want to support them and all they do for our children.
What does the teacher receive?
Each teacher will receive a gift card to help purchase items for their classroom. (Amount TBD)
How much does it cost?
The program is free and is funded through business/community donations.
Like stated above nominations end Sunday August 1st.  Make sure to get yours in here.
After the 2020-21 school year, any amount of thanks we can share with these great teachers is a blessing- well done Bismarck PD!

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