The collegiate women's hockey season is in full swing and notably absent from competition is UND women's hockey.

The program, as we all know was cut in March. The good news is that for many of North Dakota's women's hockey players, they were able to find a hockey home elsewhere.

Recently, provided an update on the status of the former UND players talking about what teams they all landed on and how they are performing so far this season.

There was one uncertainty though. The fate of Dorottya Medgyes. Medgyes, originally from Budapest, Hungary was in North Dakota on a visa to play hockey. It was unclear what her fate would be with the hockey team no longer existing.

We reached out to Medgyes to find out what happened.

The good news for Medgyes is she is still in the United States. The University of North Dakota promised to still fulfill her scholarship if she stayed.

And that's where things got tough for Medgyes.

"My best offer came from University of Maine," Medgyes said. "However, the scholarship amount they were able to provide was unaffordable to me."

Medgyes remains at UND. She is a junior currently in her 5th semester. Unfortunately by her staying, that means no hockey.

"My life seems empty without hockey so far," Medgyes said. "But it has been really good for my grades."

Medgyes is currently majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management and is minoring in International Business.

She doesn't quite know what she wants to do with those degrees just yet but she is planning  to study abroad in her hometown of Budapest in the Spring where she can get back to hockey but also get a better idea of what career path she wants to follow.

"I have been playing for my national team since I turned 15. I am excited to go back on ice when I have a chance to do so," Medgyes told us.

Unfortunately, UND will not pay for the study abroad program.

Medgyes says after graduation she does plan to remain in the United States but may choose to move to the East Coast.

The future remains unknown, as is the case with many college students. But it appears as though hockey will not be as large a part of her future as she had hoped.

"I am trying to do my best with staying on track academically, but I miss hockey a lot," Medgyes said.

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