Since their very first film, Toy Story, came out in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has loved putting Easter eggs into their movies. There are references to their short films — that iconic lamp in their logo is Luxo, from the company’s very first short film, “Luxo Jr.” — shoutouts to the filmmakers themselves, and callbacks to other Pixar movies. Over 23-plus years, they’ve just kept on piling up Easter Eggs. Now we’ve collected all of them — from 20 films over those 23 years — into one video.

It runs a whopping 20 minutes long but hey, that’s shorter sitting through 20 full features. The ScreenCrush video team collected Easter eggs from every movie so far, starting with Toy Story right up through last summer’s Incredibles 2. There are some pleasant surprises waiting for you; odds are unless your name is Pete Docter, you will have missed a bunch of this stuff.

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