Call it a sign of the times, the Family Dollar discount store, on the Bismarck Expressway are closing up shop in June.

In April 2017, over 300 Family Dollar stores closed doors as they were being sold to Dollar Tree and the parent company of DT wanted to streamline their general operation.

When the closings took place in 2017, Bismarck or North Dakota was not on the list of stores closing.

Now, the word was released of the Bismarck store closing in June of 2018. The Mandan location is not affected by the closure, according to KFYR-TV.

There is no company word of the closing of the store.

Our calls were answered, but, an unidentified person could not comment of the store closing.

There was some talk last year about Dollar General expanding their footprint with stores in North Dakota, but have no update of that possible expansion.

This is another business closing doors in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

In the last weeks, we reported one at least on store closing a week, last week, it was Branded Envy.


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