The Fargo Police Department is using an app called Periscope to raise awareness about public safety, but it is causing some controversy among the Fargo community.

Periscope allows police to broadcast traffic stops live through video streaming. The Fargo Police Department used twitter to publicize the link to the live stream. Is this a form of public shaming?

Their hopes are that the broadcasts will encourage drivers to slow down. Fargo police officer, Jessica Schindeldecker, says it is a way to communicate with people.

We want people to ask us questions or be able to interact with us in a positive way, and this was just one more form of them to be able to do that.

Schindeldecker expressed that the police will be 'sensitive' about what is put out on the app, but many question their motive. Fargo resident Mara Paulson expressed her thoughts on the new technology.

If you're either friends with that person or knew who that was, (or) recognized the car, you can tell who that is. I think it would be more for entertainment purposes for everyone watching, not like, 'Oh, I shouldn't do that type of thing.'

T.J. Smith, a Baltimore police spokesman who also uses Periscope, realizes that it can compromise the privacy of the people. However, it will also break down many barriers between them and police officers.

The Fargo Police Department launched the Periscope app last week Wednesday and have continued to post a link to the stream. Visit their twitter or website for more information.

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