No state record for the Lincoln man who caught that big walleye last month.

The Bismarck Tribune says North Dakota Game and Fish has ruled Tom Volk’s sixteen-pound, nine-ounce walleye was foul-hooked, that is behind the gill plates, therefore not eligible for the record books.

That means the official record holder is still Neal Leier of Bismarck, for the fifteen-pound biggie he caught last year.

For the ahem, record, the state of North Dakota doesn't officially keep track of such catches; it's done at the discretion of Game & Fish. Chief Game Warden Bob Timian says private entities generally track the records.

In the case of Mr. Volk's catch, the warden says "eyewitnesses' statements" contributed to the findings.

Tom Volk said he thought about faking legal action, but as it's all unofficial, he doesn't really have a legal leg to stand on.

Mr. Volk says he disappointed, but still intends to have his catch mounted.

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