I've been spending a lot of time of late at Scheels gearing up for the hunting season.  They have the experts with friendly service who can really help fuel your passion.  My passion is birds.  I can't really say what's my favorite bird to hunt, because I love them all.  Pheasants, ducks, grouse, geese and partridge, it doesn't matter.

I recently made a pit stop at Scheels before a quick "after work hunt" for grouse and partridge.  The spot was only minutes from my house in Lincoln and the view was breathtaking.  However, an approaching storm was going to cut my hunt short.  My lab Callie was on point several times before the rain chased us off.


I did get to test my new Scheels upland pants though.  They're waterproof and as the rain and hail came down, they passed the test.  My new bright orange Scheels upland hunting jacket did the trick as well!


I should be all set for the pheasant opener on October, 12th and I can't wait.  I'll be hunting with the Scheels experts and their secret spot!  Be sure to check back here weekly and follow my adventures on the radio.



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