Here's a nice thing to do on a Saturday!

Moca Mommas is hosting a Girl Scout cookie sampling next Saturday, March 9th at the Gateway Mall co-sponsored by the coffee brand Perk and Beans. The time for this event is 9:30 -11:30 which is a perfect time to don the sweatpants and bring the kids out for a little pre-morning shopping.

There will be plenty of mall walkers to people watch as well as all the fantastic girl scout cookies that you can sample with different brews of coffee. There is also an opportunity to purchase cookies and coffee on site.

I've also heard the owners of Moca Mommas are very knowledgeable about coffee styles and pairings, so having a conversation with them could prove big dividends as to what you are looking to taste or purchase.

After shopping at Dan's last week and getting approached by the girl scouts to buy their cookies( I bought 3 boxes), I realized how addictive they really are and how awesome they would taste with coffee! I will probably see you there. 

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