I love prairie golfing.  My golf cadre and I, used to have a thing called the Production Classic.  It had a traveling trophy and a certain beer tradition that's been thankfully lost through the ages. Don't drink and "drive".  Here's not the trophy...


It was smaller but similar.  We played outta Minot on courses in Kenmare, Mohall, Harvey, and Burlington. In reminiscing with my golf partner, I was reminded that Wildwood Burlington was the course that I hit the ball into a tree, caught the rebound, dropped the ball, hit the shot- and no penalty.  Check the rules...it's in there.

So how can you rack up memories among your golfing peeps or peers?  Taking it to the State! That's what you do!  I've golfed a number of the courses on this card, and I will testify to a good time every time.

Tee times these days would erase the cost of this card after hitting Hawktree and Washburn. Leaving you and your crew EIGHT more courses to hit- including the gosh darn Bully Pulpit! I hit the other butte on my first shot at the Pulpit!  Careful about wildlife when wildly veering off course. So many great things to say about the people, and the experience. of golfing off the grid in Steele, Center, and New Salem.  Go find out for yourself at seizethedeal.com.  Seriously it includes two of North Dakota's top courses.  It'll be the most fun your group has ever had.

Tee Up For 18 On These 10 Courses.

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