It was on this day in 1959, when congress passed a bill to issue food stamps to low-income families.

The bill was passed to allow some Americans to receive a minimum level of nutrition. In 2008, the Food Stamps program was renamed to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Individuals aided by SNAP receive roughly $127 per month (up from $6.63 in 1969, 10 years after the bill was passed).

Oregon and Mississippi are among the states with the highest amount of SNAP participants. Over 19 percent of residents in those states are aided by SNAP.

North Dakota is among the states where the least amount of residents are on food stamps. According to the Census Bureau, about 7 percent of North Dakotans are enrolled in SNAP.

There are 46 million Americans and13.5 percent of households in the entire U.S. aided by SNAP.

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