Applefest is taking place this weekend in Bismarck and you have an opportunity to help set a world record.

In addition to the plethora of other events that will be taking place at this year's Applefest, this year, event organizers are attempting to set a world record for the most people bobbing for apples at one time.

According to the Applefest website, the current world record for apple bobbing participants at a single time is 597, a record set in 2011 in Jackson, Ohio.

This year, the Bismarck Cancer Center, which is the organization that runs Applefest is looking for 625 participants to help set the new world record.

Each participant will be given their own bucket of 10 apples. The event will come to an end as soon as one person successfully bobs all 10 of their apples.

To sign up to participate in the apple bobbing competition, you have to register between 1pm and 2:30pm on Saturday. The world record attempt is open to anyone aged 7 and older.

If successful, this would not be the first world record set in the area. Back in 2007, 8,962 individuals showed up at the Capitol grounds to set the record for the most people making snow angels simultaneously.

In 2010, a world record was set in Mandan for the world's longest chicken dance. The dance covered 24 city blocks and was 1.627 miles long.

In 2011, the world's largest 'twist dance' took place in Mandan. There were 2,158 dancers.

In 2012, Mandan was also home to the world's longest YMCA dance. Like the chicken dance, the dancing covered 24 city blocks and was 1.627 miles long.

In 2015, when Mike Palmer participated in a boxing match at the Bismarck Event Center, at the time he set the record for the world's oldest boxer. He was 57 years and 327 days. Palmer's record has since been broken.

Applefest takes place on Saturday and Sunday at Buckstop Junction and begins at 11am both days.

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