If you are a bingo enthusiast, this game might be right up your alley. 

It's called Galactic bingo! Pretty funny. It's on Saturday, May 19th at Pub 21. There's a $900 grand prize which would totally work for all the effort of B"9" yelling and gossip that goes on in the average bingo hall. This one seems different though. They have side games, dancing, and interesting ways to play bingo. Here's the full scoop from the bar.

This is definitely NOT your grandma's bingo!
Galactic Bingo is bingo like no other!
With a $ 900 bingo giveaway, mini-games between bingo games, drink specials, fantastic fun, endless laughter, and dancing as much as we can, you can not beat Galactic Bingo is the place to be!

Packs go on sale at 8:30 PM
#GalacticBingo #notyourgrandmasbingo
gaming sponsored by NDAD

Should be a fun night out at Pub 21 or maybe a weekly one! I wonder if you have to dress up in costumes to play?

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