A couple weeks back we got the very first look at John C. Reilly as one half of silent comedy duo Stan and Hardy, but that’s not the only iconic pair he’ll be a part of. Bringing some slapstick to classic literary murder mysteries, Reilly is reuniting with Will Ferrell for Holmes and Watson, and no longer will you have to imagine what that’ll look like.

We’ve been hearing about the Sherlock Holmes parody for some time now, and the first official photo of Ferrell and Reilly as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters has arrived. Entertainment Weekly dropped the photo in their Fall movie preview edition, showing the Step Brothers pair sporting some 19th Century garb in the detective spoof. Reilly is of course the Watson to Ferrell’s pipe-smoking Sherlock:

The movie marks the second directorial effort of longtime writer Etan Coen (he made his directing debut with the Ferrell-led Get Hard). Holmes and Watson will find the Step Brothers and Talladega Nights pair solving crimes across England, including a case about killer bees, as CinemaCon footage teased. The comedy also has a great supporting cast including Rebecca Hall, Kelly MacdonaldRalph Fiennes, Hugh Laurie, Rob Brydon, and Lauren Lapkus. The detective spoof of your dreams hits theaters December 21.

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