Wrapping up months of a white background can be hard for some. At times may even feel as thou there is no end in sight. But fear not, there will be a change before you know it. Looking at the white, cold, sometimes frosty scenery, we challenge you to find the beauty. Instead, do not complain about the weather. Okay, let's be real we are ALL allowed to complain though when it's subzero temperatures with windchills that could kill you. That is allowed. And you are allowed to complain too when stuck shoveling, snow blowing in it, dressed as though you're living on the Planet of Hoth, and since your truck, tractor, or any other motorized method of transportation will not start. Leaving you to dream of a herd of Tauntauns; yes - YOU CAN THAN COMPLAIN.

Fear Not. The time will come when this white powder will melt away. The next agenda will be the "Spring Cleaning Anxiety". Followed by the "Gardening". (AND if you are NOT a gardener, a quick tip. Think ahead to win that lady over you've been eyeing, or get back into the good graces of any female, schedule in your calendar now for a May date to take one "plant shopping". MORE on that, on another day.)


The best thing you can do now is absolutely embrace what is around you. Instead of looking at the cold as "limits", see them as "opportunities". We are here to help you "Grab the Moment". Do not let it pass you by, as you too will wish for them again once schedules call for later weeknights, and the sunsets are after 9 pm and the sunrises are at 5 am. Try these. You will not regret them.

Embrace & Enjoy Winter

Seasons come and go.
This one too shall pass, so use your time wisely, instead Take Advantage.

Let us hear your favorite ways to embrace this Moment In Time.

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