Whether you love or hate Valentine's day, we all feel some type of way about the upcoming holiday. Luckily, there are companies that want to help you embrace your hatred of your ex. If you're feeling petty this Valentine's Day, there are some fun ways you can throw shade at your former lover. Check out my list below:

  • Exchange your ex's picture for a free Whopper - In case you have any pictures of your ex, bring one in to Burger King on Valentine's Day. BK wants to reward you with a free Whopper in exchange for a printed picture of your ex. Now, you'll only be able to do this in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. However, you can still get a free $3 Whopper by taking a quiz on the Burger King app this Valentine's Day.
  • Feed your ex to zoo animals - This one is kind of morbid, but animals have to eat. So, The San Antonio Zoo is having fun with their animals' meals. The zoo is hosting an event called Cry Me A Cockroach. Basically, you purchase a cockroach for $5 or a rat for $25, you name it, you get a certificate to post all over social media, then it will be eaten - birds will eat the bugs, snakes will eat the rats. Find out how you can purchase a rat or cockroach here.
  • Put your hatred on a banner - This might be the pettiest one of all - a "Cancel My Ex" banner. A You can get a six-foot banner to put your ex on blast. Now, the UK-based company putting this on is only giving out 10 of these banners. Registration opened yesterday and closes tomorrow. Get all the details here.

What do you think of these "Anti-Valentine's Day" gifts?


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