Big changes expected to start next year for The Old Mandan Trail. 

The addition of the Starion Sports complex was one of the first dominoes to fall in a project that was five years in the making.

According to the Bismarck Tribune  here are specifically the changes that will happen:

The curve near the Mandan Refinery, where Mandan Avenue transitions to the Old Red Trail, does not meet the 35 mph-design speed of the corridor, according to KLJ and the NDDOT. Seven crashes have occurred at this location within the past five years, each involving vehicles that did not manipulate the curve correctly.

Froseth recommends increasing the curve’s radius to accommodate two turning trucks, which meets the design radius for a 25-mph curve. Some additional widening along the curve, which currently meets a 20-mph design speed, may be included to facilitate truck movements in and out of the refinery.

At the intersection of Collins Avenue and the Old Red Trail, Froseth recommends implementing a roundabout with a 175-foot inscribed circle diameter, to accommodate large trucks. In comparison, the roundabouts featured in Mandan’s pop-up project last summer had 56-foot inscribed circle diameters.

North of the proposed roundabout, on Highway 1806 to the intersection of 27th Street North, Froseth recommends resurfacing and widening the roadway to include 12-foot driving lanes and 3-foot shoulders. He suggests asphalt be used for this part of the project.

Mandan Avenue Interchange work is estimated to cost $5 million, with a cost share by federal and state. Mandan will foot the estimated $785,000 bill for the sanitary sewer extension. The Old Red Trail and Highway 1806 portion of the project is estimated to cost $7.5 million, with costs split between federal, state and city. All figureswere provided by Ripplinger.

It's going to be very interesting to see this road in the coming years once this work has been done. It's also going to be compelling to see how many businesses and homes pop up along the way.  Mandan has the possibility to grow!

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