Though Governor has yet to issue a statewide mask mandate, he is working on a 1.8 million dollar campaign to encourage North Dakotans to wear them. He has also left it up to individual North Dakota cities to decide the best social distancing practices. For Fargo, that could mean a mask mandate pretty much everywhere in public.

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), next week's city commission agenda will discuss a citywide mask mandate. The news report says that a citywide mask policy would sort of mirror the policy in New York. Basically, people would be required to wear masks at all times in public if social distancing is not possible. Get the details of the Fargo mask mandate proposal here.

Six months into a two-week "flattening of the curve" and we are talking about a North Dakota city mandating masks no matter what. If one city does it, I am sure we can expect others to follow. While I will not go to a store without a mask and go all "Karen" on a teenage clerk enforcing the rules, I am STILL not convinced masks are doing much of anything.

We can still shop which means people are rifling through clothes, food, books, and more. We can still go out to eat, which means people are huddled together while eating and drinking from dishes touched by many people. We still exchange cash, which is just dirty anyway. We can still travel, which could keep causing Corona to be passed around the nation. Anything else?

What do you think about the possible mask mandate that will be proposed in Fargo?

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