Just How Cold Is It?

North Dakotans are a bunch of very warm and friendly folks, but our winters are brutal. World Population Review looked at the temperatures and ranked each state.

The Coldest State Of 2023

If you're wondering which state is the coldest in the country, that would make sense because you clicked on this article.


Did We Beat Alaska?

No, not yet. -- Yet being the keyword, not that this is a competition we necessarily want to win. Yes, Alaska is the coldest state in the U.S., with frequent lows of -50.


Are We Far Behind?

No. The source found North Dakota to be the second coldest state in the country. I'd tell you what kind of temperatures we have here in ND, but you like... live here, so you know.

If you're wondering, Minnesota comes in as the third coldest state in the U.S.

Other States That Made The Top Ten Coldest List Of 2023

The top ten includes Maine, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Idaho, and New Hampshire.

-- I don't know why I'm so surprised Idaho made the list. Clearly, I do not know very much about the state and its climate.

North Dakota's Coldest City 2023

On the edge of 2022 Grand Forks was named the coldest city in the state by several sources. GF has recorded temperatures of -43.

That said, I'd argue some of the small towns along the Canadian border might be getting overlooked as the "Coldest," but what do I know.



Sketchiest Spots In Bismarck

Here are some places you may want to avoid.


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