This is going directly back to a story I did in May of 2020...I ask you to be patient and click all the links when provided and you can learn a thing or two about North Dakota's cottage industries. I learned a bunch! Here's what I wrote about folks that make food we all can buy at a farmer's market...

But many folks love the whole process, from planting and growing to picking and processing.  These hard workers and talented cooks make up the "Cottage Food" industry.  Some of which in 2020 are kinda cheesed off at the state government for over-regulating the industry. What is the industry?

23-09.5-01. Definitions. As used in this chapter: 1. "Cottage food operator" means an individual who produces or packages cottage food products in a kitchen designed and intended for use by the residents of a private home. 2. "Cottage food product" means baked goods, jams, jellies, and other food and drink products produced by a cottage food operator.

So there's no inspection of your cooking area and you can only make foods expected to be eaten at home. Click here for more.

Some producers are so cheesed they're suing the great state of North Dakota. I smell  a story of runaway government regulations crushing the dreams of hard working Americans!

So now, it would seem that North Dakota South Central Judge Cynthia Feland has delivered a ruling striking down the oversights and saying that the state had "over stepped it's rules" ..KX News reports

Five North Dakota plaintiffs sued the state in March, arguing the rules should be overturned because they conflict with a 2017 law that expanded cottage food sales.

Health officials wanted the lawsuit dismissed. State health officials say they are disappointed in the ruling and exploring their next steps.

Health officials are pondering their next move.

So from my previous article there are concerns yes? Please read and click on...

Or maybe I'm smelling Botulinum Spores.  Not cool.  Take another peek here and then come on back.

So you can process and prepare a ton of different foods.  Jams, Jellies, pies,  candies, coffee beans, pasta, ketchup, pickles, churros, candy's a huge list really. Even raw chicken like I get from the Hutterites. Delicious!

But back to the bacteria and Botulinum Spores which in the proper environment can create a deadly toxin. Says here a great environment to start with is moist low-acid foods.  Like the ones the new regulations are looking, regulate?

So producers hopefully have been pushed to meet and exceed their own standards, knowing that regulations aren't in place but should be common place- and delicious.

What say y'all?

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