Glove compartments, also known as glove boxes, are small compartments in vehicles typically located in front of the front passenger seat.

Originally, glove compartments were intended for storing driving gloves, hence the name. Over time, their functionality expanded to serve as a convenient storage space for various items that drivers might need while on the road.

Let's be honest, glove compartments are often used to store things like sunglasses, paperwork, and pretty much anything else that's NOT gloves. In mine, you'll find CDs, can koozies, sunglasses, lip gloss, a dart set for dart league night, the Jeep owner's manual, a tire gauge, and a flashlight.

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Well, a mechanic has weighed in with suggestions of what useful items you should keep in yours. According to Todd Bialaszewski, a mechanic and founder of Junk Car Medics, "a well-prepared glove box is your best friend."

Here's what should be in yours:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Vehicle manual
  3. Proof of insurance and registration
  4. Tire pressure gauge
  5. Mini first aid kit
  6. Pen/Pencil and paper (How old-fashioned!)
  7. Multi-tool: It's more than a Swiss Army knife. It includes pliers, a screwdriver, and a small knife.
  8. Spare fuses: It's good to have back-ups in case one blows while on the road. You can reference your vehicle's manual if you don't know how to replace it.

Regularly reviewing and updating its contents ensures you're ready for any unexpected twists during your journeys, making the glove compartment an indispensable ally for every driver. Personalizing it to accommodate your specific needs and regional requirements is crucial.

What do YOU keep in your glove compartment?

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