May 14 marks National Buttermilk Biscuit Day, and if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of a Cracker Barrel, you're in luck—free biscuits await with the purchase of breakfast. And great news-breakfast is served ALL day!

So, what's your preferred topping for these delectable treats? Sweet or Savory?

To get to the bottom of this, Cracker Barrel conducted a survey spanning across all states in America, engaging at least 100 adults from each.

Here are the most interesting results:

  1. Butter reigned supreme as the top biscuit topping, with 60% of states selecting it as their favorite, including Minnesota and Montana-where locals believe anytime is a good time for indulging in biscuits.
  2. Gravy claimed 28% of the states' preferences, including North Dakota and South Dakota.
  3. Regional variations emerged: Louisiana and Mississippi favored sausage, Georgia leaned towards bacon, Kentucky showed a penchant for jelly, and Maryland opted for eggs with their biscuits.
  4. 11% of respondents preferred their biscuits plain.
  5. The overwhelming majority expressed an affinity for biscuits, with many stating they could enjoy them daily. Massachusetts had the lowest percentage of biscuit enthusiasts, yet 60% of its residents still admitted they'd happily consume biscuits every single day.

According to the findings, half of the respondents find the prospect of crafting homemade buttermilk biscuits from scratch daunting. To bypass the hassle and anxiety associated with homemade baking, you could opt for convenience and purchase a box of Biscuit Mix.

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Whether you prefer them with butter, gravy, or a regional twist, biscuits have a way of bringing people together. From Montana to Louisiana, they're definitely a symbol of comfort and tradition. Here's to biscuits—may they always warm our hearts and satisfy our cravings!

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