Probably one of the most amazing things in my life happened without giving it a second thought...

...until of course years later when that loved one is gone. Why I didn't say anything or express myself on that hot summer day in San Diego is beyond me. We take things, and moments for granted, and this was a prime example of that. I'm sure you have heard this phrase a trillion times..." IF only I could have one more day...". Mine would be spent with my mom, to return all the hugs and smiles she gave to me.

Scooping a bee out of the swimming pool so it wouldn't drown...

...risking getting stung - that's the moment I'll never forget. In my mind plays out a slow-motion memory of a concerned look on my mom's face that was just so real, so genuine. Once again I question "Why?" I didn't say anything at that moment. My mom has been gone now for 15 years - she passed away May 12, 2010. "IF only I could have one more day with her"

Please don't take this story as me trying to dole out any kind of lecture

I KNOW that YOU KNOW how fast time goes by. We all have things going on in life that seem to distract us from what is truly important - family. Take some time this weekend to spend time with your mom - call her if you live miles, towns, or States apart - take a second to say "I LOVE you Mom" - take a longer time to hug her tight - Happy Mother's day mom - AND Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful mom's here in Bismarck and Mandan.

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