Is that even possible? Why not, we can all make it our Christmas wish

Anything is possible around Christmas time, especially with the unpredictable world of gasoline prices. Obviously, we should all be thankful that the signs have been changing with the numbers dropping - just across the street from us here in Mandan, only $3.19 a gallon - unleaded of course! So Santa Claus, will you make sure by December 25th of this year we will be at $2.99? I've been a good boy, I promise. Well from what I just found out, there actually IS gas under $3.00 a gallon here in Bismarck.

Looks like maybe Christmas has come early here in Bismarck

Here I was, making a plea to Santa and his elves to help a brother out ( Me ) and get gas prices below $3.00 a gallon, and it's already happening. According to Top 10 Gas Stations & Cheap Fuel Prices in North Dakota - there are two places that sell gas under $3.00. Sam's Club over at 2821 Rock Island Pl - is listed as $2.75 and over on 1325 57 Ave NE - Costco has gas at $2.69 - but for both of those gas stations, you need to be a member of the store to fill your car up. The average price for gas in North Dakota is $3.66. I'm still grateful for living out here, do you have any idea which State has the highest prices?

What would be your guess?
If your first thought was California, you would be right - reports "The most expensive states are California at $4.88 per gallon of regular gasoline, Washington at $4.85, and Hawaii at $4.73. Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Illinois, and Alaska all have average prices over $4.00 per gallon" Yikes. So hopefully Christmas Eve I'll be humming along to "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" while pumping gas under $3.00


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