This Saturday - May 18th - at 2011 N 52nd St in Bismarck - The Annual City Auction takes place from 9 am

There will be hundreds of items up for sale - someone down the road came up with a brilliant idea, instead of taking these items ( cars, motorcycles, bicycles, firearms ) that have been impounded and destroying them at the landfills - which costs money by the way - why not put up these items up for sale for the general public?

Two City auctions are conducted yearly: one in the spring and one in the fall.

A News release came out yesterday on this:

BISMARCK, N.D.—The City of Bismarck will conduct its annual Spring Auction on Saturday, May 18.

Available items from this year’s auction include a variety of impounded vehicles, firearms, evidence property, bicycles and other City-owned property. A sale bill is available online at

“Each year our annual City auctions allow the City of Bismarck’s departments to dispose of items per City policy,” said Bismarck Police Department’s Jeremy Kjos. “Items must be sold at public auction or disposed of by means of landfill or destroyed. There are hundreds of items in our auction each year. The cost alone of putting these items into the landfill or destroying them would be significant. Instead, we choose to free up space and create an opportunity for the public to purchase these items, often times at a reduced cost.”

Public viewing of items will begin at 11:45 AM and conclude at 3:45 PM on Friday, May 17, in the City of Bismarck Impound Lot at 2011 North 52nd Street. Gates open for the auction at 8 AM on May 18, and bidding on items commences at 9 AM. Ken and Heather Thomsen of Thomsen’s 4 Winds Auction will serve as auctioneers for the event..."


Check out this list:

Bismarck Annual City Auction
Bismarck Annual City Auction


NOW check out all the pics - click here

This event is worth your time - Have fun! 

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