When you go to bed at night, are you afraid of the "Boogeyman"?

Is that WHY you leave your bedroom door open? For me that's not the case at all - I have two cats that need full access to their cat boxes - that's a high priority in my book. There are many people who choose to close their bedroom door at night - for several reasons, however, I had never heard of this one before, and it makes perfect sense.

Closing your bedroom door when you go to bed at night could help save your life - won't the smoke alarm do the same thing?

Have you ever had a battery die on your smoke alarm and that annoying "chirp" keeps sounding off every 53 seconds? The sound blends into your dreams and your mind tells you to keep sleeping, you are too exhausted to wake up and hassle with it. So by closing your door at night, if for some reason a fire would ignite, The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) says closing your door at night could save your life. According to aol.com/why-close-bedroom-door-night "Since 2008, the FSRI has been doing extensive research analyzing the effect of doors and windows on the spread of a fire. One of the tools that they used was thermal imaging cameras. These cameras could mark the temperature of a room during a fire. Rooms with closed doors had a temperature of around 100 degrees. However, if the door was open, the room temperature shot up to 1000 degrees"  That's quite a leap.

So after reading this, I may just have to bring the cat boxes inside my room...

...sounds lovely, doesn't it?



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