The upkeep that goes with owning a home can be difficult and costly. With that, it's become more and more common for people to just rent.

WalletHub released its report on 2024’s "Best and Worst Places to Rent." Where does Bismarck fall? ...Let's find out.

How Cities Were Ranked

The source looked at 180 cities throughout the United States; it considered, several key indicators to determine which places have the most rental attractiveness and provide the best quality of life.

They looked at things like rental rates, mortgage payments, and rental affordability. They also looked at the cost of living and job availability.

Bismarck's Ranking

We've all had good, bad, and ugly renting experiences. Have you ever wondered where Bismarck ranks, overall, on renter's satisfaction/experience?

You might be surprised to learn that Bismarck, North Dakota ranked number one in the entire United States for highest rental affordability, with the lowest median annual gross rent, and median annual household income. Not only that but rent in Bismarck was found to be 2.3 times lower than in some of the lowest areas in the country.

The source found that Bismarck is one of the best places to rent in 2024, due to the fact, that people spend around only 15% of their annual income on rent, which is the lowest cost in the country.

The source also claims Bismarck has the lowest renters insurance premiums, and a landlord can only charge months rent as a security deposit.

Renting a home in Bismarck? The source found that Bismarck has very large average square footage in homes, and more new-construction homes for renters to choose from than most other cities.


Do you agree? I know I've had some * interesting * renting experiences over the years. What do you think? Does this feel accurate? Send us a message in the app to air out your thoughts!

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