We're all afraid of something, right? It's only human to have a little fear. With spooky season on the horizon, I thought it would be interesting to see what has North Dakotans shaking in their boots.

A study was done by YourLocalSecurity.com. It found the biggest fears in each state by looking at Google search data.

Other states

Montana stands out as the only state that has a large fear of humans. That said, I get it; I have days where people aren't my fave.

Utah also had a strange one. It's the only state that went with "Fear of needles." Granted, no one particularly likes them.

Oddly enough, 6 out of 7 states that had "Fear of water" as their biggest search, are states near water, according to the source. 

I have to point out that several states like New York and New Jersey ahs "Fear of intimacy" as their number one search. That makes me a little sad for those states.

Other states had everything from "Fear of clowns" to "Fear of Blood" to "Fear of failure" and even Fear of the dark."

North Dakota

So, what is North Dakota's biggest fear? According to the source, North Dakotans are most afraid of going outside.

I'm a homebody, so I get this, but it definitely wasn't what I was expecting. I mean, spiders are out there, so maybe that's it.

In fairness, nine months out of the year, it is pretty frightful out there. It's cold and windy and snowy. Being outside in North Dakota isn't for the weak.

There you have it! That's what North Dakotans are scared of most. Are you surprised?



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