We all have our opinions on things. I happened to stumble upon a site that posts reviews for the city of Bismarck, North Dakota, and boy did it get a little ugly.

Keep reading at your own risk.

Here are a bunch of bad reviews of Bismarck that people left on Niche.com.

***Warning: this content may not be suitable for all ages/audiences. ***

Horrible Reviews Of Bismarck

Here's a pretty rough review that was posted a few years ago from a former resident:

"In your twenties to thirties the majority of people still bar hop like they are 21. That’s the only thing people do is drink. People are very stuck up here.

This same review went on to say even more horrible things...


I had been harassed by many people in high school but it didn’t change when I entered the work world. The people here are as cold as the weather. All the men don’t want to grow up and sleep around. It’s an incest pool as well with cousins marrying cousins.

Check out this review from a former resident that was posted 3 months ago:

"People are nosy, rude, and ask annoying personal questions if they don't know you. Don't go to the mall unless you like getting stared at by every single person in the building for creepy amounts of time."

Now, read a bit of this one that was posted 9 months ago:

"Most kids turn to alcohol and drugs starting in middle school, due to lack of things to do. The people here are very closed-minded, and it feels very stagnant. The people don't like growth/change and I've seen license plates that say "Welcome to North Dakota, now leave".


This same person went on to say even more negative things about Bismarck, and it's almost comical.

"The food is terrible, bland, and will give you diarrhea. Everything is either closed or closes early on Sundays."

Another person posted this to the site, years ago:

"The housing market is terrible in my opinion. So much money for such small homes. Finding a decent place to live for a reasonable amount is very difficult."

Here's another one posted by a current Bismarck resident:

"Easily the worst city in North Dakota for young adults. On top of that the terrible weather for the state just makes it even worse."


What do you think about these reviews? Accurate or angering?


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