The dating scene in any state isn't particularly great right now if we're being perfectly honest.

Forbes Health polled 5,000 Americans who have actively dated in the past five years. The goal? -- They wanted to find out how "Ghosting" impacted relationships. Not only that but which states where it's most likely to happen.


The Basics

Let's start with the basics. What is "Ghosting?" I'm sure you're familiar with the term, but if you're not, "Ghosting" is when a person abruptly cuts off communication with someone without any explanation. The term is most commonly applied to romantic relationships, but it can happen with friendships, too.

Ghosting tends to leave you feeling anxious and makes a person over-analyze and become critical of themselves.

"What did I do wrong?" tends to be the question you ask yourself.


States Where Ghosting Is Extremely Popular

While ghosting isn't always very nice to do, many of us do it. I know I have.

The source found which states have the most "Ghosting" happening, and the results may shock you.

Here are the top 5 states where you're most likely to get ghosted.

5. Ohio

4. Illinois

3. Wyoming

2. North Dakota

1. Rhode Island


North Dakota

Yep, you read that right; North Dakota is the second worst state for ghosting. While we can't be sure why North Dakotans are doing this so much, we do know several of the top reasons people have chosen to ghost someone.

According to the source, not liking someone's personality, not finding the person attractive, not having the same expectations for the relationship, and being busy with our personal lives are the top reasons.


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