We have another musical act coming to North Dakota and it’s one we haven’t seen here in a long time. The Wallflowers will be coming to our state, playing some of their timeless songs.


About The Wallflowers

If you’ve never heard of The Wallflowers, let me take a second to gasp first but then also to explain the amazingness of this group. The Wallflowers is an Alt/Rock band that was formed in 1989.

Their number one selling album, to date is "Bringing Down the Horse." You have probably heard their number one US radio hit called, "One Headlight."

You remember the words, right?

"Come on, try a little

Nothing is forever

There's got to be something better than

But me and Cinderella

We put it all together

We can drive it home

With one headlight."

The song "One Headlight" was once listed at number 58 in Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Pop Songs.

The group has also received six nominations for "Best Rock Songs" and "Best Rock Performance."

If you've never listened to the group's music, they often sing songs about a heartache, anxiety, purpose, and insecurities.

When & Where

According to Jade Presents, it's been nine years since we've heard from the group, and now they are back on tour together, gifting us North Dakotans with their beautiful sounds.

The Wallflowers will be stopping in North Dakota on July 7th at 8 PM. They will be performing at the Fargo Theater at 314 Broadway N Fargo, North Dakota.

Do you plan on getting nostalgic and going to this show? Are you surprised to see this group back together again?

Let us know; send us a message in our app!

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