Most of us love the holidays. We love the warmth, being surrounded by family, the food, the presents, and all the holiday decor.

There's one Christmas decoration you're not going to see this year, and for good reason.

In August of this year (2023) the government (The Energy Department) put a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Decades ago these were very popular Christmas lights. They have since been slowly phasing them out of stores, now the ban is official.

Nationwide, consumers will only be able to purchase LED lights for your Christmas tree.


According to, there are a few reasons incandescent and halogen bulbs have been removed from store shelves.

One reason the government made this decision was to get Americans to use the much more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

According to, these bulbs convert 90 percent of energy into heat, not light, which is not very efficient.

Because of this, these bulbs are likely to cause fires.

So, basically, it boils down to efficiency and safety.

Go Crazy

I'm sure this news is no bother to you; you've been using LED lights for years as they've been slowly phasing incandescent over the years, but hey, the more you know...

Get Festive

It's already the 1st of December; can you believe it? If you haven't already decked out your house in all things Christmas, I wouldn't wait; the days are flying by. Get out there, start decorating like the holly jolly fool you are!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


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